Davis Diamonds: today's treasure... tomorrow's heirloom


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Lever-back diamond earring mountings set with 40 diamonds 1/2 ct* total weight. These mountings hold a 1/2  carat center diamond.


Lever-back diamond earrings set with 34 diamonds 7/8 ct* total weight. This style is also available in larger diamond total weights.

Leverback earrings with a 1/4carat total weight.
T44K    Same style with a 1/6 carat total weight.
   Same style with a .08 carat total weight.


7973K-WAQ       Shown with Aquamarine center on the left
 7973K-WCH  and Chocolate Diamonds centers on the right.
                                  Diamond Earring mountings set with 22 diamonds       with a 5/8 ct total weight with 4 prongs for 4mm center stone.


Earrings set with six round diamonds with a 1/2 carat total weight.
3948K    (Not shown) same style with a 1 carat total weight.

Double circle earrings set with 6 diamonds 1/4 carat tw.

7971K - 7972K - 6942K
7971K        Shown at top of selection. Diamond Earring Jackets set with 22 diamonds with a light1/2 ct total weight.
7972K    Middle selection Earring jackets set with 24 diamonds with 1/2 ct tw.
6942K   Shown at the bottom Earring jackets set with 30 diamonds 1/3 ct tw.

Pave set earrings set with 36 diamonds 1/2carat tw.

Three stone diamond earrings set with 1/4carat total weight.

Diamond Hoop Earrings 30 mm in diameter set with five bezel-set diamonds in each hoop 1/6 carat tw.*

Articulated dangle "Journey" earrings set with 12 bezel set diamonds 1/2 carat tw


Pave set disk earrings with wire backs set with  diamonds 1 carat tw.

Three stone diamond earrings set with 1/4 carat total weight.

Three stone bubble earrings with a light 1/2 carat total weight.

Three stone bubble earrings with a 1.00 carat total weight.

Three stone diamond earrings set with 1/2carat total weight.
5948K    ( not shown ) Same style  1 carat total weight.


*Gem Weights may be approximate, see Weight Chart page concerning total gem weights.