Davis Diamonds: today's treasure... tomorrow's heirloom




Shown above 14 karat gold in antique finish and 14karat yellow gold plate finish specify finish when ordering
14k gold plated bronze 38mm        $133   
14 Karat Gold 25mm diameter      $1,212
14 Karat Gold 19mm diameter      $745     




 Pastor's Medallion

Die struck bronze medallion is 3 inches in diameter and is attached to a 32 inch chain to be worn with vestments.

Actual diameter 3 inches click on image to show detail

Bronze medallion 760mm diameter drilled and              
furnished with Bronze finish "32chain

Bronze 760mm diameter medallion only                 $88

plus S&H


Sterling Silver 38mm diameter          $325
Sterling Silver 25mm diameter          $193
Sterling Silver 25 mm                                
        with Stainless 25" chain              $228
Sterling Silver 19mm diameter          $160
Sterling Silver 19mm                                 
        with Sterling Box Chain            $190


Variations of metal finish due to patina formation.

The following before and after images show how the beauty of the medallions is enhanced by the formation of a patina on the bronze and silver over time.

Before                  After

25mm Bronze showing patina from eight months of wear.

The medallions may be allowed to form the patina over the entire surface or the look may be enhanced by polishing the high ground of the medallion using a dry medium jewelry polishing cloth which will increase the contrast of the design.

Bronze 38mm diameter                        $
Bronze 25mm diameter                        $
Bronze 25mm diameter                               
with Stainless "25 chain                   $125
Bronze 19mm diameter                         $


 Bible Markers

click on picture for larger view

Bible markers are made with a 25mm Medallion and have 10 nylon ribbons in the colors of Martin Luther's seal. Ribbons are 15 inches long which is suitable for most Study Bible formats.

Bronze Bible marker                                            $145
Silver Bible marker                                              $215
14 karat Gold Bible marker                              $1,229


Silver 19mm medallion micro cord bracelet               $190
Bronze 19mm medallion micro cord bracelet             $98