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Mounting channel set with eight diamonds 1/6ct. tw. shown with .19ct. round diamond center.
2903H    Matching wedding band with 11 channel set diamonds 1/6ct. tw.

Two-tone channel set diamond mounting with air line shoulders set with 10 diamonds 3/8 carat total weight.

Fourteen karat diamond mounting set with 8 diamonds 1/4ct. tw. shown with .43ct. marquise center.
2715W    Fourteen karat diamond wedding band with 1/3 carat tw.

7949E4.5 Diamond mounting set with 28 side diamonds 1/4 carat tw.
7949W4.5-W matching wedding ring set with 16 diamonds 1/6 carat tw..

7984E-W - 7984W-W
Engagement mounting set with 20 diamonds 1/5 ct. total weight. Matching ladies wedding band set with 22 diamonds 1/4 ct. total weight. This style is available up to a 2 carat center diamond size.


Engagement Mounting set with56 diamonds 1/3ct* total weight.
Ladies diamond wedding band set with 85 diamonds 3/8ct* total weight.

Antique style diamond mounting for a 1/2 carat center stone set with 4 diamonds .04 carat total weight.

Diamond mounting set with 10 side diamonds 1/8 carat total weight; shown with a 1/5 carat center diamond.
VT113W    Matching contoured wedding  band.

M 2989-V6989W
M2989 diamond mounting set with 6 side diamonds 1/5 carat tw.
V6989W matching plain wedding ring.


Engagement Mounting set with12 diamonds 1/3ct* total weight.
Ladies diamond wedding band set with 13 diamonds 3/8ct* total weight.


14k white gold mounting shown with .88 carat diamond.
4133H    Matching wedding band set with 3 diamonds 1/4 carat total weight. Special order style for wedding ring.

 Engagement mounting set with 38 diamonds 3/4 ct tw. Yellow mtg. shown with 1ct. head.

Engagement Mounting set with 8 diamonds 1/3ct* total weight.
Ladies diamond wedding band set with 10 diamonds 3/8ct* total weight.

Diamond mounting set with 12 diamonds 5/8 carat tw.
Shown at left with
651W matching wedding band  set with seven diamonds 1/4 carat tw.
Shown at right with
V1271W matching plain wedding band.

  Bypass style engagement mounting set with20 diamonds 1/3ct* total weight.
7983W  Ladies matching wedding band set with 22 diamonds 1/3ct* total eight


White gold mounting set with 1/3ct. total weight of side diamonds shown with .24 carat center diamond. Matching wedding band set with 1/4ct. total weight.

6511M -
Engagement ring set with a .07 carat center diamond and 10 side diamonds 1/10ct tw.*
6511MW - Matching Ladies wedding band set with 10 diamonds 1/10ct tw.*

Diamond mounting set with 34 diamonds 3/8 carat tw.
Matching wedding band set with 19 diamonds 1/6 carat tw.

*Gem Weights may be approximate, see Weight Chart page concerning total gem weights.