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Martin Luther Medallion Mission Project. Helping to fund Lutheran Missions and Churches  




The first thing expressed in my seal is a cross, black, within the heart; to put me in mind that faith in Christ crucified saves us.  "For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness."  

Now, although the cross is black, mortified, and intended to cause pain, yet it does not change the color of the heart, does not destroy nature -- i.e., does not kill, but keeps alive.  "For the just shall live by faith," -- by faith in the Savior.  

But this heart is fixed upon the center of a white rose, to show that faith causes joy, consolation and peace. The rose is white, not red, because white is the ideal color of all angels and blessed spirits.


This rose, moreover, is fixed in a sky-colored ground, to denote that such joy of faith in the spirit is but an earnest and beginning of heavenly joy to come, as anticipated and held by hope, though not yet revealed.

And around this ground base is a golden ring, to signify that such bliss in heaven is endless, and more precious than all joys and treasures, since gold is the best and most precious metal. Christ, our dear Lord, He will give grace unto eternal life. Amen.

Martin Luther


Verbum autem Domini nostri Manet in Aeternum

The Word of the Lord Endures Forever is the motto of the Lutheran Reformation, a confident expression of the enduring power and authority of Godís Word. The motto is based on Isaiah 40:6-8 quoted by 1 Peter 1:24-25. It first appeared in the court of Frederick the Wise in 1522. He had it sewn onto the right sleeve of the courtís official clothing, which was worn by prince and servant alike. It was used by Frederickís successors, his brother John the Steadfast, and his nephew John Frederick the Magnanimous. It became the official motto of the Smalcaldic League and was used on flags, banners, swords, and uniforms as a symbol of the unity of the Lutheran laity who struggled to defend their beliefs, communities, families and lives against those who were intent on destroying them.*


*From  Concordia The Lutheran Confession© 2005, 2006 by Concordia Publishing House,    Used with permission. All rights reserved.




The Martin Luther Medallion Mission Project

The Seal of Martin Luther and the Reformation Cross originated to spread the true word of our triune God. In this spirit we are presenting the Martin Luther Medallion Project. The Medallions currently available in the following  38mm, 25mm  and 19mm diameter sizes; and three metals 14 karat gold, sterling silver and bronze. Each medallion will be accompanied by a printed explanation as shown above.

We are now offering the medallion in the 25mm size as a Bible marker as shown below in Sterling silver. This marker has 10 ribbons in the colors of Martin Luther's seal, which is handy for use in your Study Bible. See Medallion Store page.


The Martin Luther Medallion was created by Kitti and Lars Persson of Saturn Gems in Cadillac Michigan under the zealous urging of one eager to share these beautiful images and their message.

Ten percent of the MSRP Manufacturers Suggested Retail Selling price from each medallion will go to Lutheran Outreach Missions and Churches. This sum will be sent from the manufacturer upon shipment to you your church or your local jeweler. Due to the special nature of this project all purchases must be prepaid.